Panad Drone Services

Panad Drone Services operate a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS, or more commonly “drone”) offering stunning, low altitude, aerial drone filming and photography in 4K ultra-HD resolution.

Using HD video downlink, live images from the aircraft can be viewed by the pilot on the ground in real time, enabling full control of all the filming angles and framing.

Increasingly, aerial filming includes shooting inside buildings such as factories, labs and offices. Our aircraft is nimble enough to fly inside buildings for dramatic interior shots. Flying inside a confined space brings its own challenges – but it can be done safely with the right preparation.

To stand out in today's competitive market, it's important to promote your listings, businesses and properties with current marketing methods like video and aerial photography.

Panad Drone Services are approved by the CAA as a commercial operator, as per CAP1361. PDS are fully insured with Coverdrone up to £10million – more than double of some other aerial photographers.

Call Panad Drone Services now on 0844 324 7949 0844 324 7949 and we'll be happy to talk about your aerial photography requirements.

4K Ultra HD
CAP 1361 Approved Commercial Operator (Civil Aviation Authority)


A much safer and quicker way to inspect all our buildings, without people working at height and the cost of access equipment.

The quality of the photos and videos are excellent.

Taking only the 3 hours on the afternoon when our staff had gone home… was a time saver from my point of view.